Sven van der Zwet

Who am I?

My real name is Sven van der Zwet, though some people might know me as JanSneeuw. I'm a 17 year old programmer, my speciality at the moment lies primarily in programming Minecraft plugins, though I'm starting to work on phone and web applications. Next to programming I also love gaming, building and modding/working on computers, ethical hacking, and I'm a soccer referee. I've finished Bilingual VWO in the netherlands. I got into programming due to the need of a small functionality in a minecraft server, for which I decided to make a bukkit plugin. This need quickly turned in to an interest, which turned into a hobby. I hope to turn my interest of technology and computers into my job.

Programming languages


I've been programming in Java for about 3 years now. I used it mainly to program minecraft plugins though I'm now starting to use it for webapplications.


I learned python during computer science at school, where we used it to program a MicroBit.


I've used C# in the past, but I don't use it very often. I used it mainly to help out others in need of help, which was pretty doable due to the similarity to Java.


I learned JavaScript at school, and used it in the past.


I've used PHP for a application I had to make for a school project during my classes of computer science.